Zoom Meeting

For the benefit of those who missed the Zoom meeting, shown below is the recording of the event. These recordings will be removed after approx five days.

3 Way Battle Penwith / Conwy /  Farnborough

Judged by Lloyd Moore

Frontiers Project – Six Club members who took part on the RPS Frontiers Project will explain how they approached this and will show the images they presented.

The aim of this project was to encourage photographers of all levels to work on a photography project in their vicinity.

The topic was the photographic exploration of peri-urban areas, often called “edgelands” or “fringelands”, with the idea to photograph locations that are usually regarded as not worthy to be photographed.

Kenneth Simms – a “Before and After” presentation

Before and After image processing with Ken Simms

Henrique Fino – a personal Portraiture project

Ian Wright – the development of an image from inception to final image entered  into a Club competition

Image Enhancement Tips and Tricks 

With Rob and Sharon Prenton Jones

Oil and Water Don’t Mix – Having Fun With Bubbles  With Sarah Horrocks