The Heart of Conwy Life, by Pam Gresty

The “Heart of Conwy Life”

My decision to research and put together a project called the “Heart of Conwy Life” was based on my retirement from farming and moving to a new home in Conwy town.
The project gave me a great opportunity to find about the heart of Conwy Town, it’s Castle, Quay, and historical past. Together with the opportunity to gather photographic images and delving into the historical information available, the project turned out to be enjoyable and being able to share my finding with you, gave me the icing on the cake.
My project commenced with researching the history of the castle and the many facts from its history and its building, occupation, and defence.
Leading onto the walled town, the history of the people who were born within the walls (Jackdaws) through to the challenges of the Great Plaque.
The area of the quayside, its historical past of trading, through to today’s activities such as fishing, tourism and the brave actions of the Lifeboat crews based at the Lifeboat Station.
The town of Conwy boosts several historical buildings, bridges, food fairs and markets.
When researching the Heart o Conwy Life I unexpectedly came across a World War Two activity out at Molfa Conwy (now Conwy Marina). An engineer from Bangor invented “floating Pontoons” which became known as “Mulberry Harbours”. The prototype was developed and built at Molfa Conwy. This is where the “Mulberry” pub at Conwy Marina takes its name from.
The final part of my project identifies through my family tree research, my Great Grandfather was born in Conwy town, in 1808, in a cottage behind the Liverpool Arms.
I hope you enjoy looking at my project as much as I enjoyed researching it.