We’re proud that our area has a plethora of beauty spots and historic sights, but we simply can’t understand why so many people feel entitled to discard their litter at our beaches, parks, footpaths, lanes, streets and other popular locations. Over one fortnight in July and August 2021, club members photographed just a small sample of the litter which people left behind, and some of the results are shown here. We think you’ll agree that the litter detracts from the beauty which visitors come to our area to enjoy, or presents a poor impression to later visitors as they step out of the car or walk onto the beach. Most of the rubbish – including wet wipes, nappies, plastic objects and tin cans – won’t degrade naturally.
Mike Castle’s montage shows just a third of the litter he spotted while walking 1km along an unclassified road near Llanfair Talhaiarn.
Spare a thought for the many workers and volunteers who collect as much litter as they can. Our Sunday of leisure in the summer holidays is one of the busiest days of the year for bin emptiers. One council worker told us he sometimes picks up dirty nappies from the beach. Yuk!