A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, by Bob Gresty

The Project I created can be best described as a “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”.
The purpose of this presentation was to bring to life a personal journey after acquiring a “Wolf “but discovering it not what it appeared to be.
To support my personal journey, I presented a brief history of farming life and specifically “ploughing through time”. Starting with horse drawn ploughing through the development of mechanised tractor ploughing.
This then leads into my own journey as an enthusiast of all things to do with tractors. Already the owner of three vintage David Brown tractors the hunt was on for a vintage Ferguson or Massey Ferguson tractor.
At a local vintage machinery show a Massey Ferguson 35x tractor was spotted “For Sale”. Sadly, after some dithering the tractor was sold to another buyer.
However, twelve months later and through a twist of fate I was able to purchase the same tractor, but it was now in the state of a bare chassis and lots of “parts” in boxes.
The rebuild began and after some original research the Massey Ferguson 35x was found to be a 1957 Ferguson 35 (nicknamed the “Gold Belly”). A rare vintage tractor.
So, the rebuild continued over the next couple of years through good days and bad days but eventually came to a successful completion. A “Sheep emerged from Wolf’s Clothing”.
A successful and enjoyable project but with a further twist. After a couple of months and a change in lifestyle, the Ferguson 35 “Gold Belly” was put up for sale. She sold very quickly to the first person to view, a local retired doctor who planned to show her at local vintage tractor shows.
Thank you, for your interest in my presentation a “Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”.