Tony Davies AWPF

Associateship of the Welsh Photographic Federation (AWPF)
Once a year the WPF organises an assessment for photographers to apply to become an associate.
A photographer must submit 12 images as a panel on a theme. My chosen theme was track cycling.
I initially went to an advisory day preceding the actual adjudication and discussed my photographs with some of the WPF adjudicators, it was
decided that for my chosen theme, colour photos were not an option due to the prevalence for track cyclist to wear bright multi-coloured
track attire.
But generally, I got a good response.
Later on that year, I submitted my photographs and I was delighted to gain my associateship of the Welsh Photographic Federation.
For any club members thinking of gaining a distinction in photography I can highly recommend they apply for an associate of the WPF. The link
below will take you to the new WPF website where all the information required can be found.
12th June 2022