‘Things that fly’ and Peter King showcase

This month’s display on the club’s screen at the GH Edwards shop in Conwy High Street features pictures of ‘Things that fly’ and a set of images by Peter King.

Peter, now nearly 80 years old, started his photography some 70 years ago on a Box Brownie! He graduated to a Single Lens Reflex camera on his 21st birthday. After decades of film photography, Peter made the transition to digital cameras and imaging software with ease, as evidenced by the varied pictures in his set. You’ll also see that one thing which didn’t change in that transition was his eye for composition!

Colour Wheel by Peter King
Recycling Day by Peter King

‘Things that fly’ was the theme of a recent club competition, and you can see some of the images which were entered on the screen at the shop.

We also present some historic photos from the club’s archive, alongside a recent photo of the same location. There are photos of the deep pit of Dorothea slate quarry before and after it flooded, and Peter Jones’ views of Morfa Conwy showing the A55 under construction and as it is today. Goods deliveries to the back of Marks & Spencer in Llandudno are depicted by Stewart Owen in the 1930s (think horses and carts) and Beryl Gleave in 2017 (think juggernauts).

The display for March also includes club news from February, when members enjoyed an indoor practical session on the theme of ‘Oil and water don’t mix’. Some members went on a three-day trip to London where they got some fantastic night shots, thanks to the safety in numbers that comes with being part of a group.