Membership Enquiry Form 16-18yrs

Dear Parent of Guardian, here at Conwy Camera Club we don’t do sexually explicit, violence, hate or any other such undesirableness.
We try very hard not to offend or shock anybody and as such our invited speakers/lecturers are made aware in advance and to bear in mind that on the day we may have under 18’s in the audience. However, we can’t guarantee that from time to time, during such presentations, your under 18 will not be exposed to the viewing of images that could be considered risqué, politically incorrect or possibly offensive in other ways. Please confirm you are happy with this by clicking the text box at the end of this form, before pressing the Send Message button.
Please note we also have in place a committed policy for the protection of youngsters and vulnerable adults. To view this policy in full please click here.
N.B. Members under the age of 18 years must always be accompanied to all Club events by a parent/ guardian or designated responsible adult.