Working From Home, by Rhodri Clark

In 2023 I photographed people working from home in a variety of jobs. Each person had changed their place or method of working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. My aim was that each image would show the person at work and how they have adapted or created a workplace in their house or garden. I also wanted to convey something about the work the person does. People depicted are: an office worker who set up her desk on her landing during the spring 2020 lockdown and was still working there in 2023; a hypnotist who has replaced face-to-face sessions with online, and uses a model of a stomach when talking to some clients; a broadcaster who presents one of BBC Radio Cymru’s main shows from his spare room; an online tea and coffee seller who gave up her shop in Conwy after her online sales rocketed during Covid lockdowns; a ceramicist who had a studio built in the garden when Covid prevented access to her previous shared facility; a seamstress who closed her dress agency in Conwy because people stopped hiring clothes after Covid and now does alterations and repairs at home; a violin teacher who graduated in music in 2020 and had planned to be a film-music composer but re-evaluated his priorities during the pandemic; and a fish-print artist who left her job in marketing during the pandemic to focus on gyotaku, an old Japanese art form.