Coronations, Then And Now

2023 Coronation project

What’s it about?
The Conwy county archive and our own club archive have photos of various communities in our patch on coronation day in 1902, 1911, 1937 and 1953.
In conjunction with the county archive, we’ve set up a project where club members will photograph the 2023 coronation for comparison with images from the previous coronations.
We’ll decide later how to present the results.

How to take part
You can take part in three ways:
1, Choose one or more of the archive images and photograph the same street or location on 6 May (with gallery images open, location is shown in the files name at top left of page). Please let Rhodri know ( which one/s you’d like to “copy”, so that we can coordinate. You can view all of the archive images in the gallery below.

2, Photograph a shop window, a van/car, a boat or a tram/bus decorated for the coronation – corresponding with objects in some of the archive photos.

3, Photograph a coronation event which you are taking part in or which is happening in your area on 6 May.

Here are some locations where events are likely to take place (if you go along to take photos, please introduce yourself and explain that it’s part of a joint project with the club and the Conwy county archive):

Old Colwyn – Green Hill LL29 9RR (Rhodri has contact details for the event organiser).

Conwy – Chapel Street, the Oakwood Estate, and Bodlondeb.

Llandudno Junction – various places including Cae Derw Park.

Deganwy – the Marina, and St Hilary’s Drive.

Differences between then and now
It’s likely that there won’t be as many flags, bunting strips, processions etc as are shown in the archive photos, so the locations probably won’t look any different to normal on 6 May. That tells a story in itself – about changing attitudes to celebrating events. If there is going to be a procession in your community, please photograph it, especially if it will go along the same street as shown in one of the old images.

Where to send your images
Use the upload facility at the bottom of this page to submit your new images.
They should be at the usual club competition size (1600 pixels wide or 1200 high), but please keep the larger images in case we need them for the project presentation later.

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