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What is a camera club?

The world’s oldest camera clubs started in the late 19th century, soon after photography was invented. From the start, clubs shared a common purpose: to provide members with the friendly, supportive and knowledgeable environment they need to explore and fulfil their creative potential with a camera.

More recently, digital photography has triggered a revolution in the way we capture, view, display and store our photographic images. Almost everyone enjoys taking photographs these days. But if you want to develop your skills and take more satisfying photographs, joining a camera club is an excellent step.

Through photography clubs you can also make friends with people who share your passion in your local area and the craft that you love. You may have forged virtual friendships through photo sharing sites, but a club will allow you to meet photographers, go out with them to take photos and talk to them over coffee … or something stronger!

Camera clubs are essentially about sharing. All you need is an interest in photography.

Why join Conwy Camera Club?

  • Learn new techniques
  • Learn more about equipment, including your camera and computer software
  • Share your knowledge and favourite photos
  • Be motivated and inspired to shoot more photos
  • Socialise with others with a similar passion

You don’t have to be an “Expert” photographer to be welcomed as a member of the club!

There’s a lot of practical help at hand. Most members are only too happy to share their expertise. If there’s something you’d like to be able to do, there’s probably someone in the club who can help. Informal “How to …” sessions are arranged throughout the season, as are activities for groups of members with specialist interests e.g. creative photography and portraiture. Also, if you are thinking of purchasing equipment, you can find unbiased advice at the club.

Camera clubs are also an essential source of skill and knowledge for people who are serious about mastering the art and science of photography. Our club holds regular workshops and talks from visiting speakers on a diversity of subjects ranging from the basic principles of photography to studio lighting, flash photography and post-production to sharing portfolios –as well as outings and field trips.

Conwy Camera Club also welcomes junior members (accompanied by an adult). Our membership represents all age groups from teens upwards – whatever your age you’ll find some of your peers in the club. Married couples are among the membership, and one couple married after meeting at Conwy Camera Club!

The inter-generational aspect of the club is also important. Young photographers learn from experienced older ones. In an age of rapid developments in digital imaging, older photographers can learn a lot from the youngsters!


Members are encouraged (but not required) to enter photographs in club competitions. An experienced visiting judge will comment on each image and give it a mark. As well as getting direct feedback on your pictures, competitions are a good incentive to keep taking photographs and to work to improve your style and technique.

The exposure that members gain from competitions is often indispensable to winning even wider recognition, and possibly even sales or career breaks. In addition, we aim to encourage club members to submit entries to national and international competitions.

For the more experienced photographer, we have some excellent photographers among the membership. Some hold Royal Photographic Society and other distinctions and will provide you with both help and stiff competition!

Spare a thought for the Judges!

Club members have been known to whinge about judges from time to time, but it’s not easy to speak about loads of images from photographers of very differing abilities and remain relevant and interesting. Just try it yourself:

  • Bring up one picture and speak about it for 60 to 90 seconds
  • Be honest and helpful without offending the author, don’t repeat yourself and don’t just describe the picture
  • Ensure that you interest and entertain the audience
  • Having done that, get the next picture up and repeat the process (but don’t repeat what you said first time)
  • Keep this up for about 80 pictures.

If you can do that, congratulations! Have you considered becoming a judge yourself?

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