Lionel Bloodworth Creative Challenge

If Turner had found a camera maybe

Each year the club holds a Creative photography competition in memory of Lionel Bloodworth, who founded the club’s Creative Special Interest Group. This year’s winning image was ‘If Turner had found a camera maybe’ by Ian Wright. Ian’s thought processes shown below:

The image is a composite of a multiple exposure shot of Menai Bridge, overlaid with ICM images of water spray and waves.
I started by taking a multi-exposure image of Menai Bridge – think it was 3 shots with little movement of the camera between the exposures.
I overlaid the whole image with ICM shots of water flow and waves , applied at a low opacity. This made it more atmospheric and  provided a loose brush-like quality to both the sky and the sea.
I applied more ICM waves and spray shots to the foreground to create more movement and definition in this area.
Apart from some minor areas, I did not attempt to tidy up the rough edges or duplicate mirroring created by the original multiple exposure to enhance the mood of the image.
I applied numerous curves and saturation adjustment layers to selective areas of the image to bring out lighter areas and darken shadow areas.
I applied colour brushes to the area of setting sun and the light radiating out from that.
Final overall adjustments to vibrance and saturation.
In addition to the above I applied many small tweaks, throughout the process, too numerous to remember and list!

This year’s challenge was the fourth where club members, rather than an external judge, chose the winning image. The images were presented anonymously.