Unusual view of Conwy Quay wins award for Sarah Horrocks

Congratulations to Sarah Horrocks on winning the chair’s award for image of the year, for her unusual portrayal of Conwy Quay.

Sarah took the photo on a cold and bright winter’s morning, when fishermen were using hoses to clean lobster and crab pots. Conwy Camera Club chair Henrique Fino chose the image as his favourite, out of the hundreds entered in club competitions in the 2023-24 season.

Henrique said: “Conwy Quay is photographed many thousands of times every year, but Sarah’s image portrays it in a way I’ve never seen before. The strong backlighting brings out the clouds of water droplets and makes the man at work stand out in silhouette.

“The castle and bridges provide a backdrop and an unmistakable sense of location. The yachts in the background and the pots in the foreground tell the story that the quay is a place of both work and leisure.”